E-Consultations* are complimentary and give you the opportunity to find out the potential treatment and estimated costs involved in achieving the smile you want. The process is very easy:

  • Attach photos of your teeth to an email
  • Tell us what you want to change about your smile
  • Our receptionist will call you back to explain the different options you might have for treatment and the likely costs involved

*An actual consultation with the dentist would be required to confirm the treatment options and costs in order to proceed with the treatment.

Disclaimer: The e-consult is purely a means to start a conversation. The contents of this email should not be taken as dental/medical advice. We strongly recommend that you arrange to see our dentist for a face-to-face consultation, full clinical assessment and proper diagnosis.

E-Consultation Procedure

E-Consultation ProcedureStep 1: Take a photo of your full face or just your mouth, smiling broadly to show as many teeth as possible. See below for an example.

Step 2: Save the photo to your computer

Step 3: Upload the photo by clicking the ‘Browse File’ button

Step 4: Describe what you are unhappy about with regards to your teeth or what you would like to change

Step 5: Enter your contact details

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