We can do so much with dental implants in Barnsley

Dental implants in Barnsley have revolutionised the world of replacement teeth. These little gems have been around for more than 30 years now, and in that time, dentists have found ways to make them available to more people and have used them to solve all sorts of problems that they could not at first deal with.

At PDC Dental, we use dental implants in Barnsley in all sorts of ways.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyLoose and broken bridges

The first dental implants had one crown to one implant, but now dental implants in Barnsley can be used to replace loose and broken bridges because each implant can hold as many as 3 crowns on a bridge. And because dental implants are firmly anchored into the jawbone, they can cope with foods that might break fixed bridgework.

Replacing all your teeth

One technique that is very popular is called All-on-4. This is when we replace an entire arch of teeth on only 4-6 implants. These teeth are fixed in place and do not have to come out at night for cleaning.

Same day implants

Time was, you would have your dental implants put in and then have to wait several months while they integrated with your jawbone before having the crowns added. Now, if you have an entire arch replaced, we can give you same day teeth, temporary crowns to tide you over and keep you looking good until your implants have integrated and you are ready for your handmade porcelain replacement crowns.

Replacing loose or broken dentures

Denture stabilisation is a way to get dentures to stay still without having to go the whole hog of having them replaced with dental implants. We can stabilise dentures on only 2-4 mini dental implants, depending on whether they are for the upper or lower jaw.

Jawbone not so great?

The main barrier to having dental implants is that the jawbone has lost size and density, making it unable to anchor the implant posts. We can solve this problem using zygomatic implants that anchor into the cheekbone rather than the jaw, or with a bone graft or sinus lift to replace lost bone tissue.