Tired of your loose bridge or denture?

We bet you are. Literally. Having a prosthesis that doesn’t do its job can be frustrating as well as tiring. Your mouth is constantly having to work extra hard to process your food and to keep the bridge or denture in place.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireEven when you’re not eating, you’re constantly aware that your bridge or denture doesn’t fit properly. It’s an effort not to play with it and thus draw everyone’s attention to the fact that these are not your real teeth.

You can move on from all that frustration and embarrassment by getting dental implants in South Yorkshire from PDC Dental Implants.

Dental implants in South Yorkshire are incredibly versatile. We can use them to replace lost single teeth, or groups of teeth, even entire arches of teeth.

Dental implants consist of 3 components:

  • the implant, a post or screw inserted into the jawbone
  • the abutment, a connecting piece that sits above the gum
  • the crown, which is made from dental porcelain.

The implant goes in first, and it used to be that everyone would have to wait several months for it to integrate with the jawbone before the crowns could be attached. However, it’s one thing to wait with a small gap, but to go without crowns for several months when you are having all your teeth replaced seems a bit cruel.

That’s why we also do same day teeth for people who are having entire arches replaced. These are temporary crowns and the permanent ones are fitted once the implants have integrated with the jawbone.

Everyone needs to wait for integration to take place before they can eat whatever they like. Start chewing on great steaks and toffee apples too early and you risk damaging your jawbone and loosening the implants. Stick to soft foods until you get the go-ahead from your dentist here at PDC Dental Implants.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about dental implants in South Yorkshire, then call us and come in for a chat. We can set up a consultation to find out if you can go straight ahead with treatment or whether you will need some preparatory treatment, such as a bone graft or sinus lift, first.