Three factors that make denture implants worthwhile

Dental implants in Barnsley can have a strong impact on your quality of life. You may think that they are not the solution for you if you are already a denture wearer but, at PDC Dental, we can combine these methods of tooth replacement to give you an improved experience when it comes to your teeth.

If you want to explore the potential of dental implants in Barnsley, then get in touch with us at PDC Dental. We work with all sorts of patients with a wide variety of tooth replacement needs. Treatment with dental implants in Barnsley is highly adaptable so adjustments can be made to the standard treatment path to work around many challenges.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyBelow we explore just some of the ways that dental implants in Barnsley can help denture wearers to regain some of their oral functionality.


Often, one of the issues with dentures is that they cannot grip food securely using the front teeth. This means that crunching and tearing are limited, which can make some food choices inadvisable or more difficult to eat. With denture implants, the prosthetic teeth are fully anchored on the implants, so you get a better all-round grip. This takes away the need for messy adhesives and it means you don’t have to cut up slightly tougher foods into bite-sized pieces.


Loose-fitting dentures can be a pain – literally! If you have dentures that slip, even a little, they can cause sore patches over time. Even if you have well-fitting dentures to begin with, the mouth changes shape over time and you can experience slippage at any time. Denture implants mean that your teeth are held in place by secure fixtures and not by pressing the gums against them. This means that there is no longer the potential for friction sores.


When it comes to dentures, security means more confidence. You can smile and laugh without worrying about wobbly teeth. You can say yes to social occasions that involve food without worrying about coming up against bits and pieces you cannot eat. Denture implants offer you a high level of function and therefore you have more opportunities to feel good about your teeth again.