The critical role of sedation dentistry in dental implants procedures

Since its introduction in dental care, sedation dentistry has offered patients a worry free dental experience. At PDC Dental Implants we use intravenous sedation techniques for dental implants in South Yorkshire. Patients suffering from dental phobias find the benefits particularly advantageous. Whether the treatment is for same day implants, All on 4 implants or denture implants, the administration of intravenous sedation now means that patients no longer have to avoid seeking dental care due to their fears.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireImplants are often necessary to protect the integrity of mouth functions, from replacing missing teeth to restoring broken bridges or strengthen loose dentures. To insert these implants into the gum and jaw, dental practitioners have to carry out surgical procedures (often minor). Previously this would be a frightening prospect for anxious patients, but no longer.

How does intravenous sedation work?

The anaesthetic is injected so it is effective immediately, other methods can take up to an hour for them to work. This means that anxiety while waiting for the sedative effect is also eliminated. The patient rarely remembers the procedure at all as he or she is placed in a semi-conscious state.

5 Benefits of intravenous sedation

Dental implants in South Yorkshire are an excellent option to replace natural teeth but it does mean patients have to undergo a surgical procedure. With the following benefits of intravenous sedation, patients can achieve better oral health.

  1. Fosters a positive dentist/patient relationship

Fear and stress of undergoing a dental procedure is eliminated, thus allowing a patient to develop a more positive relationship with the dental practitioner and towards his or her dental health.

  1. Complex dental treatments are made comfortable

One of the priorities at our dental clinic is the comfort of our patients. By offering intravenous sedation we can minimise the discomfort and anxieties typically associated with implant treatments.

  1. Deepest state of calm and peacefulness

While there is a range of sedation dentistry techniques available, we have found that the intravenous technique of administering sedatives offers patients the deepest state of calm. Often patients are asleep throughout dental procedures. This is a particularly useful technique for patients who experience moderate to severe dental phobia symptoms.

  1. Anaesthetic offered under controlled conditions

Another difference to oral medication is that intravenous sedation is administered under constantly controlled conditions and the dental practitioner can adjust the doses as required – cut off feed if no longer required or provide further doses until the patient is completely relaxed.

  1. More than one treatment can be carried out

Sometimes in order to provide patients with optimal oral health, more than one type of treatment is required. With such an effective sedation technique available that completely relaxes patients, dental practitioners can perform multiple treatments in one session saving the patient from having to schedule several further appointments.

PDC Dental Implants offers safe and proven sedation techniques to ensure patients who experience any type of dental fear, from fear of needles to gagging, are comfortable and relaxed when receiving treatment. Have a question regarding our methods of sedation? Schedule a consultation with one of our dental practitioners and we will put your fears to rest.