Discover the advantages of implant-supported dentures and say goodbye to your loose dentures

Dentures have been used in dentistry for many years with success. In fact, they are one of the oldest dental treatments documented in history. Luckily, modern dentures are far more functional and attractive these days, but still they come with several disadvantages. Unfortunately, for some people, dental implants are too expensive.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireAt PDC Dental Implants, we have combined the best of both worlds and you can now say goodbye to loose dentures without spending a lots of money on dental implants in South Yorkshire with denture stabilisation. This technique ensures that your false teeth stay in place since they are supported by dental implants.

Why have implant-supported dentures?

If you suffer from many missing teeth, dentures supported by dental implants in South Yorkshire should be something to look into. Dental implants are very beneficial for the jawbone since they halt bone loss and encourage the regeneration of new bone tissue. Moreover, dental implants in South Yorkshire are stable, secure, dependable and effective.

Their ability to keep your dentures in place will restore your oral function and allow you to laugh, eat and speak without problems. Moreover, implant-supported dentures will improve your speech and confidence, decrease irritation of the gum tissue, eliminate the need for expensive and messy adhesives and create a stronger biting force than regular dentures. In addition, the process for getting implant-supported dentures is easy and has minimal discomfort.

How are implant-supported dentures placed in the jawbone?

Dentures supported with dental implants in South Yorkshire require multiple visits to the dentist. During the first stage, the dentist will place a few dental implants into the jawbone. These dental implants are smaller than regular implants and they are designed with special mechanisms on their surface, so that the dentures stay in place. Once the implants have healed, your dentist will adjust the denture over the dental implants with special add-ons, providing you with the peace of mind that they won’t become loose over time.

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Implant solutions for multiple missing teeth

Dental implants are small, titanium, screw-shaped posts that replace the roots of missing teeth. They also help preserve tooth-supporting bone that naturally weakens when one or more teeth are lost. After all, bone loss is one of the most important consequences of missing teeth and can only be prevented with dental implants.

dental-implants-in-barnsleyNowadays, dental implants have developed considerably and there are many options available to patients who are missing more than one tooth. If you are interested in dental implants in Barnsley and you don’t want to spend a fortune on conventional dental implants to replace an entire arch of teeth, then it’s time to book an appointment with our implant dentists at PDC Dental Implants.

All-on-4 implants

All-on-4 dental implants in Barnsley make it possible to replace a full set of teeth with a simple, effective and safe treatment achieved with only one visit to the dentist. If you have had enough of loose dentures or if you have experienced a broken denture in the past, replacing all your teeth with a same-day implant procedure is beneficial for your oral health and your quality of life.

All-on-4 implants are designed to replace the upper or lower arch (or both). The placement of up to 4 dental implants at pre-planned positions and angles in your jawbone provides the base upon which the final restorations can rest.

Zygomatic dental implants

Zygomatic implants are used when there is not enough bone left for regular implants in the upper jawbone. They are used to ensure extra support and stabilisation in an area of the mouth which is very frail. Zygomatic implants are very sturdy, they are placed to the zygomatic bone and they are longer than normal dental implants because of all the support they need.They are completely safe and won’t cause any problems with your sinuses.

Say goodbye to dentures

If you are tired of wearing loose dentures and need an effective option to replace your many missing teeth, All-on-4 implants and zygomatic dental implants in Barnsley are great options. Your dentist will help you decide which is best for you.

Options for missing teeth

Dental implants in Barnsley are an excellent option for those seeking to replace one or more missing teeth. Dentures and bridges alone do replace missing teeth. Unlike your natural teeth, however, dentures and bridges are not anchored into your jawbone, so they do not offer the same strength or ease of use. With the addition of dental implants, failed bridges and dentures can be a thing of the past, providing permanent, comfortable and natural-looking dental prosthetics.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyIn Barnsley, dental implants are the better choice

Dentures alone offers the wearer a quarter of the chewing power of natural teeth. When your dentures are attached to dental implants, however, they fully replace all natural functions. This occurs due to the nifty way implants react to your bone. During a simple surgery, these titanium screws are placed into the jawbone. Titanium is biocompatible with our bodies, which means it will not break down or erode and it stimulates the natural growth of your bone. Since it is so adept at living happily in your mouth, it will not impede blood vessels or the soft tissue of your gums from also growing naturally. This means that after surgery, your gum will completely heal and your jawbone will grow onto and around the implant, anchoring it in place and making it a strong, stable platform for teeth-replacement options, such as dentures to be fixed onto.

Since dental implants in Barnsley are permanently ‘root’ tooth replacements such as dentures, your dentures will now function just like your natural teeth. You don’t have to worry about them slipping out of place when you’re eating, talking or laughing. In addition, because your jawbone is now growing naturally, you will never need to worry about jawbone shrinkage and failed dentures, due to them being ill fitting.

How long will they last?

With proper care, implants can last many years. Studies have shown, with proper care they are very long lasting, with the first person to ever receive dental implants living with them for over 40 years. By attending regular 6-monthly check-ups at PDC Dental Implants, we can look after your teeth and ensure your implants work for you for a long time to come.

Facts you might not know about dental implants

It seems like everyone is talking about dental implants in South Yorkshire at the moment. This relatively new dental technology is changing people’s lives for the better, which is wonderful, but how much do you really know about implants?

At PDC Dental Implants, Dr Alex Jones and his team have years of training and experience in dealing with all types of dental implants in South Yorkshire. They can answer all of your questions when you come in for a consultation, or chat to us in an e-consultation. But here are some facts about dental implants to keep you going.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireDental implants are older than you think

Although dental implants in their current incarnation are a relatively new technology, it turns out humans have been trying to replace lost teeth for an awfully long time – remains of ancient Mayans with tooth-shaped pieces of shell hammered into their gums.

Some figures for you

If you lose a tooth and don’t replace it with an implant, your jawbone density can start to reduce quickly, losing up to 25% in just the first year.

In America alone, 500,000 people get dental implants each year.

It is thought that around 6% of UK adults have no natural teeth. That’s a low percentage, but when you think about the whole of the country, it’s still a lot of people.

1 in 4 adults admit they don’t brush twice a day, which might account for the number of people with no teeth!

Dental implants in South Yorkshire can save your other teeth

If you’ve only lost one tooth, and it’s not visible when you smile, you may think there is no need to replace it with an implant. However, by leaving that gap you could be putting your other teeth at risk. Teeth rely on one another to stay strong. When a tooth is missing, the neighbouring teeth can start to tilt or twist. If a bottom tooth is missing, the opposing tooth in the top jaw can start to drop down with nothing to bite against.

A full set of implants in a day

With All-on-4 implants and same day implants, you can get a full set of new teeth in just one day.

Types of dental implants available

Implants is quite a buzzword in dentistry right now, with more and more people opting to invest in dental implants in Barnsley. Here at PDC Dental Implants, our implant dentist team have years of training and experience in fitting all kinds of dental implants.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyA brief description of dental implants

Not everyone is quite aware of exactly what dental implants are, so here is a quick explanation. Dental implants are small posts or screws made from titanium, which are fitted into the jawbone just like the root of a natural tooth. Because of the biocompatibility of titanium, the jawbone actually grows around it, making it strong and secure. A crown or bridge is fitted to the top of the implant, and you have natural looking and feeling teeth once more.

Types of dental implants in Barnsley

So now you know what dental implants are, what about the types? We fit a number of different dental implants. In Barnsley, our dentists are experienced in finding the best way to replace your lost teeth.

A single lost tooth is straight forward. This is replaced by a single implant, with a crown to take the place of the old tooth. You can treat the implant exactly the same as the rest of your teeth, and after a while you may even forget it’s there!

If an accident or medical problem has led to you losing 2 or 3 teeth in a row, they could be replaced with a single implant. The implant is strong enough to support a bridge with 3 teeth.

Anyone who has many lost or failing teeth can have them replaced with a system called All-on-4 implants. This is where a full arch of teeth is supported on just 4 or 6 implants.

We often see patients with failed dentures or a failed bridge, who want to replace them with implants. Depending how long the patient has been wearing dentures, they may have lost some density in their jawbone. In this case, there is the option of a bone graft or sinus lift, or zygomatic implants. They are longer than standard implants, and are fitted into the zygomatic bone, which forms your cheekbone.

What to expect from a dental implant consultation

If you’ve heard the latest buzz about dental implants in South Yorkshire and are wondering if they could be the answer for you, the first step is to book a consultation with an implant dentist. At PDC Dental Implants, we offer the options of an e-consultation, or you can visit in person at one of our South Yorkshire practices.

dental-implants-in-south-yorkshireWhat is an e-consultation?

We understand that you have a busy life and may not have a great deal of time to spare. Or perhaps you’re not sure you want to commit to having dental implants in South Yorkshire, but want to talk to someone about the options and costs involved. An e-consultation is a great first step. It is free, and gives you the chance to learn more and decide if you want to come in for a full consultation and assessment.

What happens during an implant assessment?

A full assessment for dental implants in South Yorkshire is quite a lengthy process, so you should plan for it to last a little under an hour and a half. This may sound like a long time, but dental implants aren’t for everyone and we need to make a detailed assessment of your mouth and jaw, plus there will be plenty of time to talk through the options and for you to ask any questions you may have.

During the assessment, we will take a close look at more than just your mouth. The muscles of your head and neck will be taken into account, as will your jaw joints and bones. We’ll have a careful look at the health of your gums, and take x-rays, photographs and impressions.

If you currently suffer with a loose denture or failed denture, you can talk to our team about these problems. They will tell you about the different types of implants available, including All-on-4 implants. They will also discuss your jawbone density and tell you about the options of zygomatic implants and bone grafts if they feel your jaw may not have the required density to support an implant.

If you decide to go ahead with dental implants in South Yorkshire, we will give you a detailed written report for reference.

What’s the difference between regular dentures and implant-supported dentures?

If you are considering dental implants for your missing teeth, chances are that you know very little about them. If you are not sure if this treatment can address your tooth loss, at PDC Dental Implants we are here to help since we have been providing dental implants in South Yorkshire successfully for many years.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireWe also appreciate that patients who have been wearing dentures may not wish to step out of their comfort zone and switch to dental implants. After all, replacing all of your teeth with dental implants can be expensive and will surely require time. But what if we told you that there’s now a way to enjoy the benefits of dental implants in South Yorkshire and get to keep your dentures as well?

How are implant-supported dentures different?

Removable dentures are designed to fit over the gums without interacting with them in an organic way. Dentures supported by dental implants in South Yorkshire, on the other hand, are secured on top of 2 to 4 dental implants with the help of connectors. These dentures are removable, though in some cases they can be glued in place.

Implant-supported dentures are sturdier than regular dentures because they rely on dental implants – the latter function as replacement tooth roots and stay firmly in place.

Do implant-supported dentures perform better?

Implant-supported dentures perform better than regular dentures in many respects. For starters, they do not slip out of place, meaning that you perform simple tasks such as eating, biting and talking without problems.

With these dentures, dietary restrictions are a thing of the past because you can re-introduce chewy foods in your diet. By providing stimulation to your jawbone through the dental implants, implant-supported dentures prevent bone deterioration that could lead to further tooth loss.

Moreover, implant-supported dentures do not need to be refitted every once in a while because your jawbone will not shrink with the help of dental implants. Last but not least, implant-supported dentures are made with high-quality materials and look, feel and function just like your real teeth.

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Why you may need zygomatic dental implants in Barnsley

Nobody likes the idea of oral surgery, but sometimes it is necessary. Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants is not as scary as you may think.

If you have missing teeth in your upper jawbone and you have been told that you cannot have dental implants because of bone loss, don’t get disappointed. At PDC Dental Implants, we offer an innovative technique that is an alternative to bone grafting – zygomatic dental implants in Barnsley.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyWhat are zygomatic implants?

Zygomatic dental implants in Barnsley do not differ from normal implants in terms of structure and function. However, they are anchored in the cheekbone, known as the zygoma, hence their name. These implants are much longer than regular dental implants and go through or right next to the sinus in order to anchor into the zygomatic bone. The zygomatic bone is much thicker than any part of the bone in the jaw.

Your dentist will use up to 2 zygomatic implants on each side of your mouth as well as 2-4 regular implants in the front of your jaw to ensure stability and additional support. This treatment is safe and statistics have shown that it is quite effective as well.

Short-term and long-term advantages of zygomatic dental implants

The most important benefit of zygomatic dental implants is the fact that you do not need to undergo a graft procedure. This is very convenient since additional grafting procedures can prolong overall treatment time.

Moreover, you can have the procedure performed on the same day and you don’t have to endure long healing times in order to have functioning fixed teeth.

Zygomatic dental implants are a very predictable treatment because the dentist can plan their insertion well in advance, with the help of technology. Moreover, zygomatic dental implants in Barnsley are equal to 3 or 4 regular dental implants because they are longer.

Are zygomatic implants painful?

Although the procedure may sound a bit scary, zygomatic implants are not painful. If you think that the operation is going to be an uncomfortable experience, we can arrange sedation for you. After the operation, you may experience some discomfort and swelling but it will go away soon.

Alternative techniques for dental implants

Since their discovery in the 1950s, dental implants have revolutionised modern dentistry around the world. This is because they offer a viable alternative to conventional bridges and dentures by fusing with the jawbone and preventing its further deterioration.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyDental implants are small titanium screw-shaped posts that are positioned into the jawbone by our experienced dentists at PDC Dental Implants. Their main function is to replace the tooth root. This is why they adhere to the bone tissue and encourage further growth. Once healed, dental implants in Barnsley are topped by artificial teeth such as crowns, bridges and dentures.

Modern implant dentistry offers many alternatives to traditional dental implants. These are minimally invasive techniques, which can be a better alternative for certain patients. All-on-4 is of them. This patented technology was developed to replace all the teeth on one arch with as few implants as possible. It also the installation of dental implants and replacement teeth in a day.

Tell me more about All-on-4 dental implants in Barnsley

All-on-4 is an increasingly popular technique, which allows the placement of a full arch of replacement teeth either in either jaw with dental implants. All-on-4 involves fixing 4 (or 6) dental implants into the jawbone, which serve as a base for the replacement teeth.

Contrary to popular belief, All-on-4 does not require bone grafting. Thanks to special abutments, the temporary replacement teeth can be fixed on the same day the dental implants are operated. However, patients should avoid hard and chewy foods during the healing period. After a few weeks, once the gum tissue has healed and the implants have adhered to the natural jawbone, the final bridge can be placed and patients may return to their normal diet and lifestyle.

Although All-on-4 is sometimes promoted as a very fast treatment, truth is that several visits to the dentist are required for effective results. These include consultation visits, the planning of the treatment, the operation, regular check-ups and the last appointment for the placement of the permanent teeth.

To learn more about All-on-4 dental implants in Barnsley and whether you could benefit from this treatment, give us a call and we will book an appointment for you.

Broken your bridge again?

When you lost some teeth, did you decide to go for a bridge or a partial denture? How’s that working out for you? Do you click gently with that denture, making the sounds of old age even though you are nowhere near retirement? Or did you bite down on something hard and break your bridge, again? Fixed bridgework and dentures are a great idea in theory but each comes with its own set of hassles that can wear you down over the years. Maybe it’s time for a something more reliable, like replacing them with dental implants in South Yorkshire.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireIn South Yorkshire, dental implants have become most people’s first choice for replacing teeth, and even if they chose something else to start with, many people are now seeking an upgrade here at PDC Dental Implants.

Replacing a broken bridge

It’s actually pretty easy to replace a broken bridge with dental implants in South Yorkshire. One dental implant can hold up to 3 teeth, so it does not have to be as expensive as you may have thought.

All we do is insert a dental implant into a carefully created channel in your jawbone. We do this under local anaesthetic, which is more than enough to numb the area as there aren’t many nerve endings in the jawbone to send pain signals to the brain. You can also have oral or intravenous sedation if you are very anxious.


The next stage is very important. You need to allow 2-6 months for the dental implant to fuse with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration. The bone grows new tissue, including blood vessels, all over the implant.


Once this process is completed, the implant is firmly anchored in place and we can add your replacement crowns. These will have been handcrafted to match your natural teeth, and will be indistinguishable from them once they are in place.


Your South Yorkshire dental implants are easy to care for. You just need to brush and floss carefully twice a day and come for regular check-ups and deep cleans to prevent gum disease.