Facts you might not know about dental implants

It seems like everyone is talking about dental implants in South Yorkshire at the moment. This relatively new dental technology is changing people’s lives for the better, which is wonderful, but how much do you really know about implants?

At PDC Dental Implants, Dr Alex Jones and his team have years of training and experience in dealing with all types of dental implants in South Yorkshire. They can answer all of your questions when you come in for a consultation, or chat to us in an e-consultation. But here are some facts about dental implants to keep you going.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireDental implants are older than you think

Although dental implants in their current incarnation are a relatively new technology, it turns out humans have been trying to replace lost teeth for an awfully long time – remains of ancient Mayans with tooth-shaped pieces of shell hammered into their gums.

Some figures for you

If you lose a tooth and don’t replace it with an implant, your jawbone density can start to reduce quickly, losing up to 25% in just the first year.

In America alone, 500,000 people get dental implants each year.

It is thought that around 6% of UK adults have no natural teeth. That’s a low percentage, but when you think about the whole of the country, it’s still a lot of people.

1 in 4 adults admit they don’t brush twice a day, which might account for the number of people with no teeth!

Dental implants in South Yorkshire can save your other teeth

If you’ve only lost one tooth, and it’s not visible when you smile, you may think there is no need to replace it with an implant. However, by leaving that gap you could be putting your other teeth at risk. Teeth rely on one another to stay strong. When a tooth is missing, the neighbouring teeth can start to tilt or twist. If a bottom tooth is missing, the opposing tooth in the top jaw can start to drop down with nothing to bite against.

A full set of implants in a day

With All-on-4 implants and same day implants, you can get a full set of new teeth in just one day.