Discover the advantages of implant-supported dentures and say goodbye to your loose dentures

Dentures have been used in dentistry for many years with success. In fact, they are one of the oldest dental treatments documented in history. Luckily, modern dentures are far more functional and attractive these days, but still they come with several disadvantages. Unfortunately, for some people, dental implants are too expensive.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireAt PDC Dental Implants, we have combined the best of both worlds and you can now say goodbye to loose dentures without spending a lots of money on dental implants in South Yorkshire with denture stabilisation. This technique ensures that your false teeth stay in place since they are supported by dental implants.

Why have implant-supported dentures?

If you suffer from many missing teeth, dentures supported by dental implants in South Yorkshire should be something to look into. Dental implants are very beneficial for the jawbone since they halt bone loss and encourage the regeneration of new bone tissue. Moreover, dental implants in South Yorkshire are stable, secure, dependable and effective.

Their ability to keep your dentures in place will restore your oral function and allow you to laugh, eat and speak without problems. Moreover, implant-supported dentures will improve your speech and confidence, decrease irritation of the gum tissue, eliminate the need for expensive and messy adhesives and create a stronger biting force than regular dentures. In addition, the process for getting implant-supported dentures is easy and has minimal discomfort.

How are implant-supported dentures placed in the jawbone?

Dentures supported with dental implants in South Yorkshire require multiple visits to the dentist. During the first stage, the dentist will place a few dental implants into the jawbone. These dental implants are smaller than regular implants and they are designed with special mechanisms on their surface, so that the dentures stay in place. Once the implants have healed, your dentist will adjust the denture over the dental implants with special add-ons, providing you with the peace of mind that they won’t become loose over time.

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