Dental injuries

At PDC Dental, we understand that your dental hygiene can be a tricky thing, and sometimes things can go wrong. Whether it be broken or damaged teeth, or a sudden pain, we will be able to book you in for a consultation to assess the issue at hand. We want to approach every situation calmly and with empathy, to ensure that you receive the highest standard of care possible. One of the main treatments that we offer are dental implants in Barnsley.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyDental treatment failure

Poor dental treatment in the past might seem to be acceptable to begin with, but as time goes on it can begin to show signs of failure. Poorly fitted dentures or bridges can begin to come loose over time and can cause a great deal of discomfort. We understand at PDC Dental how distressing it can be to lose teeth, and losing teeth for a second time can be just as traumatic. Therefore, we want to provide a service where there are no doubts about your treatment, and that with the proper use, anything provided in the way of treatment will last as long as we say that it will.

Why has my bridge failed?

If you are suffering from a failed bridge, then we will be able to provide the services to help you with this, and either fix or replace your failed bridge. Bridges can fail for several different reasons. If a bridge is poorly fitted, then the constant use of your teeth can cause it to be loosened, and therefore become ineffective. Another common issue for bridges failing is the foundations they have been constructed on have worn away and this causes the bridge to fail.

How can it be fixed?

A bridge can be fixed in a multitude of ways depending on the issue at hand. If the bridge has broken or been damaged, then the issue can be solved by simply replacing the bridge itself. If the bridge is rooted in the foundation of a crown, then these crowns can be replaced too, in order to re-establish stability to the bridge. If you have been subject to a failed bridge in Barnsley, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Dental Implants in Barnsley

One solution to a failed bridge, is to replace the crowns or teeth that it has been rooted in, with a dental implant. Dental implants are false teeth that are rooted into the jawbone with a titanium screw, that provides an extremely sturdy foundation. Bridges are often designed to replace several teeth at once.

Therefore, by installing one or two dental implants in Barnsley, where several teeth might be missing, the implants will work as a foundation to the bridge. Due to the strength of a dental implant, the risk of the bridge coming loose is significantly reduced, and you will be able to eat and drink normally, without having to worry as much about the bridge failing or coming loose. If you are suffering from a failed bridge in Barnsley, then PDC Dental will be able to provide you with a consultation, where we can provide you with advice on the best solution for your broken or failed bridge.