Dental implants in Barnsley: how this revolutionary dental procedure can fix your smile

As you age, you are more likely to lose your natural teeth from wear and tear, or prolonged and untreated tooth decay. Thanks to the invention of artificial teeth, you no longer have to live with a gap in your teeth or a gummy mouth that makes you feel self-conscious.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyFixed or partial dentures and bridgework have laid the foundation for prosthetic teeth, but Dental Implants in Barnsley have revolutionised it entirely, offering distinct advantages and conveniences that others do not.

Enjoy your tooth or teeth that look and function as normal. Eat the food you enjoy without worrying about cracking your denture, and speak freely, giving no thought to how a loose denture impedes your speech.

If you want to switch over to implants because of a failed denture or a failed bridge, or have recently undergone a mouth trauma that has left you toothless, consult with us, PDC Dental Implants today!

Know your options

Standard dental implantology does have its setbacks for candidates who face ill health. You need to have enough bone so that we can securely embed an implant in your jawbone. If there is not enough bone, or if it is weak and porous, you are required to undergo bone graft surgery – a procedure which includes a six month recovery period.

We design zygomatic implants for patients who do not have a healthy bone structure and do not want bone grafts. The time it takes to complete the procedure, from initial consultation to implanting, is four months – two months less than if you were to consider bone grafts.

What are they?

These types of implants, like the regular kinds, are screws made from titanium that replaces the missing tooth or teeth at the root.  Titanium is regularly used in surgeries because the body does not see it as a foreign object, but as part of its organism. Over time, the implant bonds to the upper jaw and becomes part of the mouth.

The only differences are, that they are longer than traditional implants, and their positioning in your mouth.

How they work

Instead of drilling on the jawbone, we place the implant close to the cheekbone or zygoma bone. The zygoma bone is dense and thick, which makes anchoring the implant to the bone possible.

Another reason to smile: All-On-Four Implants

We design these implants for people who already have dentures and many missing teeth, and want to better their quality of life. Replace your upper or lower set of teeth quickly and comfortably, thanks to the advances made in dental implantology.

The most convenient fact about a restoration of this kind is that you do not need an implant per missing tooth – just four implants can replace all your top or bottom teeth at once.

We can also promise to restore your smile before leaving our offices with temporary same day implants – identical to natural teeth – people will think they are real.

A consequence of losing your teeth is a dramatic change in facial appearance as your bones become weak and brittle from lack of use, making you appear older. Replacing your teeth at the root with this treatment will transform your look for the better by stimulating the necessary muscles, thus preventing atrophy and bone deterioration.

Losing teeth is nothing to be ashamed of and can be treated quickly and comfortably with our dental implants in Barnsley. Make an appointment with us to discuss your options!