Considering implant-supported bridges?

Missing teeth can impair your oral function almost completely by making it difficult to smile, chew, eat and speak properly. Even worse, your healthy teeth will gradually start moving into the gaps created by your missing teeth – this can lead to teeth misalignment and eventually tooth loss.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyNobody can deny that dental implants have changed the way we perceive restorative dentistry. For years, dentists have been relying on bridges and dentures to replace missing teeth, but studies and clinical trials have shown that dental implants are more effective at this task. At PCD Dental Implants, we encourage our patients with missing teeth to consider bridges supported by Barnsley dental implants. Improved stability and better oral function and control are but a few benefits of implant-supported bridges.

Preparing your teeth for a bridge supported by dental implants in Barnsley

Before you receive the final restoration in the form of a bridge, you will need to undergo an evaluation. Our dentists will examine your teeth, gums and jawbone and determine whether you can have dental implants in Barnsley. Once this assessment is over, we will schedule your implant surgery. Your dentist will make small incisions on your jawbone and will fix the dental implants in your bone tissue. With time, the bone tissue and the dental implants will become one through a process scientifically known as ‘osseointegration’.

Enjoying your new smile with implant-supported bridges

Once the dental implants have healed completely, you will have to revisit for a second, simpler operation, during which your dentist will reveal the implant sites and attach your bridge on top of them. Implant-supported bridges are made of high-quality materials that look, feel and function like natural teeth. Moreover, implant-supported bridges have the same light-reflecting qualities of natural teeth for a seamless and natural smile. Replacing missing teeth with implant-supported bridges will allow you to eat, check, smile and speak like you normally would.

If you are afraid, you can ask for sedation

Naturally, some patients may feel more anxious at the prospect of implant surgery. While we will try to make this experience as comfortable as possible, you can take advantage of our sedation options in order to feel more relaxed.