In South Yorkshire, dentures are no laughing matter

We have all seen those comedy shows where someone is so angry that their dentures fly out of their mouth in mid-tirade, preferably into their mother-in-law’s beautifully made trifle. But dentures in South Yorkshire, stay put, because they are custom-made from the latest materials to fit your mouth.

dental-denturesDentures are removable false teeth used to replace missing teeth and gums. Complete or full dentures replace all the teeth, while partial dentures replace just a few teeth. For a long time, dentures were the only solution to replace missing teeth, and never seemed to fit. Either they were too tight and uncomfortable, or too loose and liable to flap about or even fall out. They also didn’t look at all real. The pink plastic gum they were attached too was just too pink to be real gum, and the teeth were just too flat.

Not only that but badly-fitting dentures could add years to a person’s face.

One way or another, if you wore dentures, everyone knew about it, and that was without finding them in a glass by your bed or in the bathroom.

But here in South Yorkshire, dentures and denture technology have moved on. Each set is made by hand to the specific alignments of each patient’s mouth, and the teeth and gums are coloured to match and blend in with the patient’s own gums and remaining teeth. And you need not worry that your friends will wonder why you have a whole different smile from when you were younger, because at PDC Dental we work with you to recreate your smile from old photographs.

The dentures of the 21st century offer comfort and discretion to their wearer.

It may seem strange that people even wear dentures these days, when dental implants are so popular. But not everyone can have dental implants, either for budgetary reasons, or because their jaw cannot support the implants.

Dentures offer a convenient, effective alternative to dental implants, and here in South Yorkshire, dentures at PDC Dental are made by Gerber, one of the most highly-praised denture systems available.

If you would like to update your dentures, you can take advantage of our 12 months’ interest-free credit, which is available on all treatments.

With dental implants, your dentist can restore more than just your smile

Dental implants are the most modern, most effective solution to tooth loss. PDC Dental in Barnsley offers a wide range of implant treatment options to suit all clinical situations. Our Dental Implantologist, Dr Alex Jones, has carried out more than 800 implant placements, and can treat even the most complex cases in patients who lack bone density.

dental-implants-BarnsleyMissing teeth should always be replaced – any dentist will tell you the same. Otherwise, your risk further oral health problems, as well as issues with your diet, speech, self-esteem and, in cases of multiple tooth loss, resorbtion of your jaw bone which can alter the structure of your face. At PDC Dental in Barnsley we believe dental implants are often the best tooth replacement option.

There are numerous advantages to dental implants when compared with standard bridgework or dentures. Whilst traditional bridges can only replace one or two missing teeth, and require adjacent teeth to be strong and healthy for support, implant-retained bridges take all their support from your dental implants and can, in some cases, replace a whole arch of teeth.

Traditional dentures restore some functionality to your jaw, and the modern versions both look and act like natural teeth. However, because they only replace the crowns of lost teeth, they don’t prevent the problem of bone resorbtion, which is an all-too-common side-effect of having missing tooth roots.

This can cause issues with the fit of your dentures, affecting your speech, your self-esteem, and your ability to eat a healthy diet full of nutrients – with negative consequences for your overall health.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, which integrate with your jaw bone and – because they are made from titanium – actively prevent bone loss, as well as supporting your new teeth.

Barnsley dental implants

When you come to PDC Barnsley for a dental implants consultation, Dr Jones will assess the current level of bone density in your jaw to determine if any special or additional treatments are required, before planning your implant placement.

For multiple tooth replacement, most patients don’t need as many dental implants as teeth – often four-eight implants are all that is required.

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