Bridge implants – your questions answered

Dental implants in South Yorkshire are versatile tools. They can be used in a number of ways including as support for a bridge. This is an option you may wish to consider if your normal bridge is not working for you or you want to reduce the number of implants that you have in your mouth. After your initial assessment with PDC Dental Implants, we will talk to you about whether bridge implants might be appropriate for your circumstances.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireWhat are bridge implants?

Dental implants in South Yorkshire are like false tooth roots that are made from titanium. In some cases, one implant is used per tooth that needs replacing. Sometimes this is not possible or preferable. There may not be enough jawbone density in one area of the mouth to support a dental implant. In this case, implants can be placed on either side of the weak area, supporting a bridge between them.

Are bridge implants better than a normal bridge?

Every dental treatment has its pros and cons. Normal bridges can be a really useful tooth for multiple tooth replacement. One problem with them is that they are usually supported on the surrounding teeth. This means that they place extra pressure on these teeth. This could mean that they wear down more quickly.

Dental implants in South Yorkshire offer a really solid basis for a bridge. This means that you can often bite and chew foods that are trickier with other tooth replacement methods.

How do you get bridge implants?

As with all dental implants in South Yorkshire, the first step is to book an appointment with PDC Dental for a consultation. We provide unique treatment plans for every patient based on our experience and skill as well as the personal data we gather from you at your consultation. Steps might include preparatory work, fitting and aftercare. We also offer lots of tips on how to prepare your home and schedule for your procedure so that you are well prepared for this life-enhancing journey.

We look forward to supporting you during your tooth replacement and providing a full, functional smile for you soon.