All in a day’s work with dental implants in South Yorkshire

There are several common factors that patients are concerned about when it comes to dental implants in South Yorkshire at PDC Dental Implants. These are: pain, cost and time. People most commonly ask: ‘Will it hurt?’, ‘How much will it cost?’ and ‘How long will it take?’. We can offer general answers to all of these questions prior to consultation and we can make these more specific after initial consultation.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireHow long will it take?

In the past, it has been necessary to have a prolonged treatment period, when it comes to dental implants in South Yorkshire, to get someone from missing or damaged teeth to a replacement smile. Now, at PDC Dental Implants, we can offer some patients teeth in a day. This means they walk into our clinic in the morning with replacement needs and, by the end of the day, these have been met with new teeth.

Even if the teeth-in-a-day method is not for you, we can still talk to you about ways to promote healing and speed up the process if you are concerned about time.

Will it hurt?

As with any surgical procedure, there will potentially be some discomfort when you are recovering from having your dental implants in South Yorkshire fitted. This might include some general aching or soreness, swelling, bruising or light bleeding. Every patient’s reaction is different, and some feel more comfortable than others. At PDC Dental Implants, we can give you guidance on what’s normal.

How much will it cost?

One of the first steps towards having dental implants fitted is to have an initial consultation. When we do this with you, we gather enough data to give you a quote for the work you need. This covers fitting, your follow-up appointments and any preparatory work that you need. Our level of experience means that we are able to give reasonably accurate quotes, so you can budget for your dental treatment.

We have some finance options that may be able to assist you when it comes to getting your work done. These help you to spread the cost over a number of months and mean that you do not need to delay treatment.