All-on-4 is a revolutionary new technique whereby a whole arch of failing or missing teeth is replaced with dental implants in a single visit. The teeth are removed, implants placed and high-quality fixed temporary teeth are fitted, all without the patient needing to leave the our practice.

All-on-4 can also be carried out for patients who have previously lost their own teeth and currently wear dentures. The temporary teeth are fixed so patients can be free from their dentures on the day of implant placement. Following a six month healing period during which time the implants have integrated with the bone, a high-quality, durable permanent bridge, built on a titanium framework is fitted.

This treatment can offer our patients either upper, lower or both sets of teeth replaced with fixed, permanent teeth. The placement of four or five dental implants at strategic positions and angles provide the foundation upon which a final twelve tooth bridge can be placed. For those patients who have suffered ill-fitting dentures or mobile, failing teeth for years, the provision of stable, comfortable, natural-looking teeth through dental implants really can restore that self-confidence and vitality that has often been lost.

At PDC Dental we appreciate how busy many of our patients are so we aim to minimise disruption to day-to-day life. We do everything we can to ensure you leave the clinic on the same day with fixed teeth following the procedure, making sure you are never without teeth.

We know what a difference this technique has made to so many of our patient’s lives.

All-on-4 can benefit patients who:

  • Are faced with a failing dentition, due to gum disease or failing bridgework, whose only other option is to wear dentures.
  • Currently wear upper and/or lower dentures, either full dentures or partials.
  • Are unable to tolerate dentures.
  • Suffer from low self-confidence because of movement of dentures whilst talking or eating.
  • Feel limited with foods they can easily chew.
  • May have been told they require bone grafting to have implant treatment; All-on-4 techniques can usually eliminate the need for this.
  • In circumstances where patients have ben told they do not have enough bone for All-on-4 we are delighted to offer Zygomatic Implants which again remove the need for any bone grafting.

Planning your Treatment

Careful surgical and restorative planning is essential for ensuring effective, reliable implant placement. All options are considered and discussed thoroughly to ensure that the patient is happy and comfortable to proceed. These thorough diagnostic stages, which involve digital dental CT scans and laboratory simulation of proposed restorations, allow us to offer fully inclusive fees for dental implant treatments.

Stage 1: Diagnostic Scan

  • Three dimensional imaging (Cone Beam CT scan) of treatment area, single jaw

Stage 2: Implant Placement

  • Teeth extraction (if required)
  • Implant placement
  • Same-day temporary fixed bridge
  • Aftercare during healing period

Stage 3: Final Restorative Stage

  • This stage involves 4 appointments in total and begins 6 months after your Implants have been placed (stage 2).
  • Impression stage of clinical and laboratory work associated with provision of definitive fixed titanium-based implant bridge. Adaption of any changes you may wish to make to the colour or set up of your final bridge.
  • Verification of implant position prior to precision milling of your bespoke framework from a single block of titanium carried out in Canada.
  • Try in of framework and final verification of the appearance and colour of your final bridge
  • Fit of definitive fixed titanium-based implant bridge