Renew your smile with dental implants in Barnsley

Not only can having dental implants transform your smile and face, it can transform your life. Even if it has nothing to do with your own confidence, a full smile has an effect on other people. Even if you don’t hide away from the camera, it can have an effect on your eating. Even if you don’t worry about what other people think, missing teeth can have an effect on your surrounding teeth and potentially create more dental hygiene problems in the future. There is more to people than just a pretty smile and at PDC Dental in Barnsley, dental implants are also about more than just creating a pretty smile.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyWhat are dental implants?

Dental implants in Barnsley are ultimately false teeth but false teeth that are so effective and similar to real teeth that no-one will believe they are false. These are the only false teeth that strengthen the jawbone and the only false teeth that have no chance of slipping out when eating. They do not have to be removed for brushing or sleeping. In fact, they are so like your real teeth you will think that overnight you have just grown a new set! Depending on the work needed, dental implants in Barnsley can even be a day procedure. Titanium screws are inserted into the jawbone that once fused, strengthens the jawbone, acting like the root of a real tooth. The implant tooth is then connected to the screw and does not need to be removed again. Two screws can support 3-4 bridged teeth. With a proper dental hygiene routine, your new teeth can last decades.

Replacing the whole upper or lower arch

All-on-4 implants are a new technique that can replace the whole upper or lower arch. Four titanium screws are inserted into the jawbone and then a six-month healing process is required. During the integration time, temporary teeth are affixed so the patient can be denture free.  After healing, a high quality permanent bridge is secured to the screws and like with the single tooth replacements, if a proper dental hygiene routine is adhered to, your new set of teeth can last for decades.

Wondering about dental implants?

Frustrated with dentures and looking for an alternative? Rest assured you are not the only one. Demand is high for a comfortable alternative to dentures. Luckily, if you are someone looking to improve your smile with a more satisfactory solution there are plenty of options available for you to choose from with our dental implants in South Yorkshire.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireAt first your dentures may have seemed to be a great fit but the reality is that as time goes on things change, the fit becomes loose and uncomfortable. This can cause quite embarrassing situations. Wobbly dentures tend to draw attention to themselves, and who would want to draw attention to their dentures for goodness sake? Do not let your loose dentures irritate you any longer. We have a solution for you with our range of dental implants in South Yorkshire.

There is a reason why dentures lose their grip. When there are no teeth physically fixed into the jawbone, both your gums and your jawbone start to recede. This rather daunting process can start to happen pretty quickly. In fact, as much as 25% shrinkage can occur in a single year. Now 25% is a pretty frightening figure. No wonder dentures can loose their grip so rapidly. It turns out that your jawbone and gums need physical vibrations from your teeth clanking together to renew their cells – no vibrations, no regeneration.

Here at PDC Dental Implants we have some fantastic news for you. Our dental implants in South Yorkshire actually mimic the regeneration trigger of real teeth. Now your gums and jawbone can receive the vital stimulation they need to maintain their healthy state. Implants are inserted directly into the gum and down into the jawbone itself allowing the much needed vibrations to pass through

Implants are not just for dental wearers of course. They can be a great solution for those with a single lost tooth or a broken bridge. The beauty of implants is that they look and feel like natural teeth. No more embarrassing situations need happen. Find out how we can help you by giving us a call. Our friendly team will book a consultation appointment for you.

Meeting your tooth replacement needs: dental implants in South Yorkshire

Dental implants are a great leap forward for tooth restorations. They were developed in the 1950s, made commercially available to dentists in the 1980s, and since then, have grown and grown in popularity.

This is partly because implant technology keeps evolving, and new and even more innovative ways to use these versatile, durable little wonders keep being created.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireAt PDC Dental in Barnsley, our implantologist Dr Alex Jones has been successfully placing implants for a decade. And in that time, he’s used many different types of implant to get the job done. In South Yorkshire, dental implants can replace one, several or all of your teeth.

Single implant

One dental implant can replace one tooth root and support a single crown. This is done by drilling a hole in your jaw and fixing the implant into it. After a healing period of several weeks the replacement crown can be fitted.

Bridge implants

If you’ve lost two or more teeth in a row, one implant can support a bridge of up to three teeth. The benefit of having implants over a traditional bridge is that no healthy teeth need to be ground down to fix it in place.


If you need a whole arch replacing, just four implants can support all the crowns on your upper or lower jaw. Using All-on-4 you can get new teeth in a day – we fit you with temporary teeth after fitting the implants, until the healing process is complete, and we can give you your new permanent teeth.

Denture implants

We also offer denture stabilisation, where we place 2-3 implants in the lower jaw and four in the upper and fix studs to the implants to clip your dentures into place.

Zygomatic implants

One of the main reasons that people are refused dental implants in South Yorkshire is because they don’t have enough density in their jawbone. It is possible to have a bone graft or sinus lift to improve the quality of the bone, but you can also avoid having these lengthy operations by opting for zygomatic implants. These are longer than regular implants and fit directly into the cheekbone.

Dental implants in Barnsley: what you need to know

What are dental implants? The implant itself is a small titanium screw that replaces the tooth root.

At PDC Dental Implants in Barnsley, our implantologist is Dr Alex Jones, and after a consultation and assessment to check your suitability for implants, and doing any necessary preparatory work, he will carry out the minor surgery to place them in your jawbone. This is done under local anaesthetic and if you feel nervous at the dentist, you can also opt for sedation.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyHow do dental implants in Barnsley work?

Titanium is a miraculous metal: the body sees it as natural tissue, so instead of rejecting the implant as a foreign object, it integrates with it, growing blood vessels and bone around it. This process is known as osseointegration and takes several weeks to complete.

After the healing period, you then come back to us to have your replacement tooth fitted onto the implant.

What are the benefits?

Dental implants are the only tooth restoration method to:

  • replace the tooth root as well as the crown: this means that it helps to maintain the structure of the face and the function of the jaw. If only the crown is replaced, the jawbone beneath can start to dissolve, causing the face to sag;
  • last a lifetime. With proper care, dental implants in Barnsley are very long-lasting. Dentures and bridges need to be replaced every decade or so;
  • stay fixed in place. Because the replacement tooth is fixed onto the dental implant, it doesn’t slip or slide around inside the mouth and doesn’t pull out, as with dentures and bridges. This means that it can be cleaned in the same way as a natural tooth and it can also withstand the forces of chewing – no need to avoid crunchy or chewy foods.
  • not affect the healthy teeth around it. To have a bridge fitted, surrounding natural teeth need to be ground down to fix it in place. To have dentures, you may need to have healthy teeth taken out. Dental implants can replace one, several or all your teeth, but don’t require healthy ones to be removed.

Your mouth – back in action

When your teeth start failing, it affects your whole life. It makes it hard to interact with other people without dying of embarrassment. It makes it hard to eat anything crunchy or chewy, which makes it hard to get the right nutrients into your body. It makes it hard to speak clearly. Life gets difficult and you can feel very miserable. But you can get your mouth, and your life, functioning at optimal levels again, by replacing failing teeth with dental implants in South Yorkshire.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireDr Alex Jones at PDC Dental is celebrating his tenth year of fitting dental implants in South Yorkshire. In that time, he has fitted more than 1,000 implants and is highly experienced in complex cases.

What makes a case complex?

How easy or difficult it is to insert dental implants depends very much on the quality of your jawbone. If you have been missing teeth for a long time, or have been a smoker, or have diabetes, this can greatly affect how strong and dense your jawbone is, and also how well it will heal and integrate with the implants once they have been fitted. There are ways round having a dodgy jawbone, such as having a bone graft, or a sinus lift, or having extra-long zygomatic implants, which go through the upper jaw and anchor into the dense cheekbone above.

What else can dental implants in South Yorkshire do?

At their most simple, one dental implant, which is an artificial tooth root, supports one crown (the white bit you chew and bite with). One implant can also support up to three teeth on a bridge.

Over the years, dentists have developed other clever ways to use implants. There is a technique that is used to replace all the teeth on the jaw with just four to six implants. Mini implants can be used to stabilise dentures, and another technique means you can get new teeth in a day.

The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants in South Yorkshire is to come in and have Alex take a good look at your jawbone.

Dental implants in Barnsley: an experienced hand

Deciding to have dental implants in Barnsley is not a decision to rush. Whichever option you choose, there’ll be at least one session of minor surgery, a healing period of many weeks and follow-up appointments with your dentist.

Choosing a dentist with a track record in placing implants makes sense: someone who can guide you through the procedure with an experienced hand, knows how to help you fit it into your lifestyle and can offer you support if you feel anxious or nervous; someone who can explain to you at the outset how the process works, what each stage involves, and costs and timescales.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyFocus on implants

Dr Alex Jones, the principal dentist here at PDC Dental Implants in Barnsley, is one such dentist. He has placed more than 1000 successful implants in the last 10 years. Eighty per cent of those patients were recommended by friends – which shows just how simple and straightforward Alex makes the process for his patients.

As well carrying out the implant surgery himself, Alex also teaches it and has had articles published in dental implant journals across the globe. Fellow dentists also refer their patients to his care.

Implant options

As a practice that is focused on dental implants in Barnsley, we offer many different treatments, including:

  • Single tooth,
  • Multiple teeth,
  • Denture stabilisation,
  • Fixed bridge work,
  • All-on-4,
  • Zygomatic implants.

Preparing the ground

We also offer preparatory treatments such as bone grafting. If the jawbone doesn’t have enough density to receive an implant, it can be restored with a bone graft. Another option is to have zygomatic implants – these are longer implants that are fitted into the cheekbone rather than the jaw.

And for nervous and anxious patients, we can help there too. You can opt for conscious sedation. This is taken either as a tablet or injected into the blood stream. It’s not an anaesthetic, so a local pain killer is also needed to numb around the injection site. The sedation acts on the central nervous system to produce feelings of calm. You remain awake during the surgery but deeply relaxed and often patients can’t remember the procedure afterwards.

Wondering how to replace your lost teeth?

Every dentist will tell you that you need to replace any teeth that either fall out, get knocked out or have to be removed. If you don’t, there can be some pretty dreadful repercussions that develop over time. Your remaining teeth can start to drift out of place, tip into the gap and even fall out. Plus, the bone where the tooth used to be can start to melt away. The more teeth you lose, the more serious the problems can become, and you can find yourself unable to chew crunchy foods anymore, or even speak clearly.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyBut how to replace those lost teeth? All of us want replacement teeth that work well and look like real teeth. Time was, you had a choice between dentures and fixed bridges, both of which have their drawbacks. Now though, you can get dental implants in Barnsley, here at PDC Dental Implants.

At first glance, dental implants in Barnsley may seem too pricey, but they offer such great advantages over the other two kinds of replacement teeth. They last for a long time, they can work out as comparable in price, perhaps even cheaper than dentures or bridges, both of which have to be replaced every 10 years or so.

Eat properly

The main job of teeth is to bite into and chew up food so that it can be swallowed and the nutrients extracted. Doing so with dentures is pretty hard; they can only withstand about a quarter of the chewing force of natural teeth. Because dental implants are fixed into the jawbone and become as firmly held as a natural tooth, they can withstand as much chewing force as natural teeth. This means you can eat whatever you like again, and therefore get all the nutrition you need.

Talk properly

The other great thing about dental implants is that because they are firmly fixed into the jawbone, they won’t start sliding around a few months or years down the line. You will be able to speak clearly.

Getting dental implants in Barnsley starts with a thorough consultation. Why not call and book one today?

The low-down on dental implants in South Yorkshire

Dental implants are an incredibly versatile treatment. There are many different kinds of dental implants in South Yorkshire and they can be used to correct a range of issues: whether you are missing a single tooth, several teeth or a whole set, dental implants have something to offer.

At PDC Dental Implants in South Yorkshire, we offer a range of implant treatments, including: single and multiple tooth replacement, denture stabilisation, All-on-4 and zygomatic implants.

Dental Implants in South YorkshireSingle tooth implant

A tiny titanium screw is fixed directly into your jawbone. Our implant dentist drills a hole in your jaw then fixes the implant in place. This isn’t as bad as it sounds – there are fewer nerve endings in the jaw than in the teeth, so with a local anaesthetic, it’s pretty much pain-free. After a healing period of several weeks, we will fit a custom-made ceramic crown onto the implant that seamlessly blends in with your existing teeth.

Multiple teeth implant

A bridge replacing several missing teeth can be supported on two or more implants: it’s not necessary for each crown to have its own implant for them to work successfully. If you have a bridge fitted without dental implants in South Yorkshire, adjacent teeth have to be ground down to support it. With implants, no surrounding teeth are affected: you get to keep all your healthy, natural teeth.

Denture stabilisation

Using a few implants in each jaw, we can stabilise a whole set of dentures. If your dentures have become loose, they can be adapted to fix onto dental implants in South Yorkshire, giving you back lost chewing and speaking ability.


This is a speedy way of getting your teeth replaced. A whole arch can be replaced on four dental implants in a single visit. The teeth are removed, the implants fixed in place, then we fit you with temporary teeth that will last for six months. After the healing period, your new permanent teeth can be fitted.

Zygomatic implants

These long implants are fitted into the cheekbone. They are useful if there isn’t enough bone density in the jaw to receive the implant. This is a great alternative to lengthy and uncomfortable bone grafting operations to build up the jawbone.

How dental implants in South Yorkshire can end your denture problems

Long-term denture wearers find that dentures can be ill-fitting and lack stability, causing irritation to the gums and making it impossible to eat certain foods. Dental implants, on the other hand, can be quite expensive. What if we told you that there is a treatment that combines both methods at a fraction of the cost?

Dental implants in South Yorkshire offer a way to keep dentures in place and allow you to go about your daily life with confidence through denture stabilisation. As the name suggests, this treatment offered at PDC Dental Implants involves the use of a limited number of dental implants to stabilise your dentures. This ensures your dentures will be attached firmly in place when you are eating, talking or laughing.

Dental Implants in South Yorkshire South YorkshireWhat are implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are complete dentures that clip onto dental implants (up to four for each jawbone), which sit solidly in your gums much like natural teeth. These dentures can either be removed by the patient, or fixed and only removable by a dentist. They are very successful at eliminating, or greatly reducing, any problems associated with traditional dentures.

Benefits of denture stabilisation with dental implants in South Yorkshire

Implant-supported dentures are solid and stable in your mouth, just like your natural teeth would be. The mechanism of attachment allows for only the natural minimum movement and flexibility that would be expected with real teeth. More importantly, implant-supported dentures do not require an adhesive to stay in place as they gain support from the underlying dental implants. Because of this they are much more comfortable and less likely to create sores in your mouth.

Implant-supported dentures are much less likely to restrict your taste, as it is not necessary to have a plate covering the majority of your palate: stability is achieved from the dental implants. The less of your palate covered, the more easily you will be able to taste your favourite foods.

Last but not least, implant-supported dentures are considerably less bulky than traditional dentures and therefore unlikely to make you feel uncomfortable by taking up so much space in your mouth.

Replace all your missing teeth with All-on-4 dental implants in Barnsley

Keeping a bright and confident smile with you at all times is ideal but not always possible. Tooth loss caused by tooth decay, gum disease or injury can be devastating, affecting your mood, self-esteem and outlook on life. Patients who have lost most or all of their teeth and want to get rid of their dentures, can now consider All-on-4 dental implants in Barnsley.

As the name of the treatment implies, this procedure requires only four dental implants per jaw to support a fully customised set of replacement teeth. All-on-4 dental implants in Barnsley work effectively even in patients with a reduced jawbone density. Our experienced dentists will examine your teeth thoroughly and determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.

Dental Implants in BarnsleyHow does it work?

Traditional approaches to restoring a full arch of missing teeth typically involved six or more regular implants, bone grafts, and as many as 18 months of treatment. This means that patients would often be without replacement teeth or with poorly fitted temporary dentures for more than a year.

With All-on-4, only four dental implants are used to stabilise a full denture. Our dentists will strategically embed the dental implants into the jawbone and allow them to fuse with the bone tissue. Once this happens (usually within a few months), patients are fitted with a permanent set of teeth, which are adjusted for a snug fit. During the healing period, temporary teeth are attached to the dental implants, so patients will not go a single day without teeth.

Am I eligible for All-on-4 dental implants in Barnsley?

All-on-4 dental implants are ideal for patients who have lost all of their teeth. However, their success depends upon certain factors that need to be properly diagnosed before the treatment is recommended. Though most patients can have All-on-4 dental implants, certain diseases will affect the outcome of the treatment. For example, uncontrolled diabetes and gum disease can hinder the success of your dental implants. Likewise, if you are a heavy smoker, the risk of implant failure is higher. It is therefore advised that you reduce or quit smoking, get diabetes under control and have treatment for gum disease.